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Audio Editing & Production

Professional, on-site, and incredibly affordable.

QuickTurn Duplication offers professional audio production with the latest in editing software. Our audio experts make sure your sound files are edited, produced, and mastered properly prior to duplication, ensuring the highest-quality final product. QuickTurn is your one stop shop for all aspects of your multimedia project.

QuickTurn audio masteringTake your recorded files and have us convert it for CD, YouTube or your website. We can work with .AIFF, .MP3, .WMA, .WAV and a number of other file types.

As a part of our process we will register your tracks with Gracenote. Gracenote is an online datatbase that iTunes gets the info for CDs. If you want to learn more about this process click here. WIth Windows Media Player the process is very different, to review how to on this click here.

Audio Mastering

We have options if your original master is less than optimal. We offer a flat rate for professional mastering services at $35.00 per track. Special pricing would apply to audio books or tracks that need to be removed from video. We also offer a FREE Test Master. Send in one track and we will master it for free so you can compare to your original for a true A/B comparison.

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Need CD or DVD packaging? No problem. We can print it and package it for you - just ask for details!

Packaging Options

Design Services

Our professional design department will help you take your CD/DVD project to the next level.

Packaging & Label Design