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Professional CD / DVD Label Design

Professional CD label and packaging design is within reach and within budget. QuickTurn Duplication offers professional design services. With over a decade of experience, we will ensure your project is unique, professional, and on-time.

CD & DVD Packaging Design

Our in-house design staff can create a custom CD or DVD wrap, insert, or any other packaging solution. Our designers will work with you to develop a unique design that conveys your message, connects with your audience and exceeds your expectations.

If you already have a design that needs some help, we can ensure your vision is created for the best possible out-put. We are here to help you be professional in every detail.

CD Inserts w/ Tray Cards

Style Price
2-Panel $375
4-Panel $475
6-Panel $575
8-Panel $675
10-Panel $775
Classical Piano CD in Jewel Case


*Add $25 per disc production cost for multi-volume sets.

Disc Jackets & Wallets

Style Price
2-Panel Jacket $275
4-Panel Wallet or Jacket $475
4-Panel DVD Wallet $475
6-Panel Wallet or Jacket $575

*Add $25 per disc production cost for multi-volume sets.


Style Price
2-Digipak $475
6-Panel Digipak $575
8-Panel Digipak $675
4-Panel Digipak w/ pocket
& 4-Panel Insert


*Add $25 per disc production cost for multi-volume sets.

Give us the goods, in the right format.

Please Call QuickTurn Duplication @ 952-451-7939 with any questions.


Fast and affordable CD/DVD printing and duplication.
Guaranteed and on-time with No Hidden Fees.

Disc Pricing


Need CD or DVD packaging? No problem. We can print it and package it for you - just ask for details!

Packaging Options

What's the difference? Which will you use on my project? We look at each job individually and use the process best suited to your project, saving you valuable time and money.

Replication vs. Duplication