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DVD Video Copy Protection

Last year global piracy rates increased to a staggering 41%. Producing DVDs without copy protection is an open invitation to piracy. You lose revenue from DVDs when they are pirated plus, your creative work is being freely shared by others.

How it works:

DVD Copy ProtectionThe protection does not rely on "tricky" scenarios like adding bad sectors and pointers or requiring a software key on the PC. Instead, our software wraps the video on the DVD in a protective file that doesn't interfere with playback but prevents common ripping software programs from accessing the video.

Supported Formats:

DVD Video Only

Supported Media:

DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD-RW, Dual Layer DVD

Protection Strength:

Our process has been extensively tested by expert independent testing companies to provide reliable levels of protection against copying and ripping. It has been tested for playback compatibility and is found to work with 99.88% of the U.S. install base of DVD players.

How to purchase:

Purchasing is simple, when you place an order simply ask your sales rep to add copy protection to your Video DVD. We take it from there for a mere .25 per disc. $30 set-up fee will apply to jobs of less than 500 DVDs.

Pricing for Black Thermal Full Color DVD Duplication & Printing with video copy protection

Qty: Black on
Silver DVD
Full Color DVD
50 $2.24 $2.44
100 $1.54 $1.84
250 $1.44 $1.60
500 $1.20 $1.45
750 $1.10 $1.20
1,000 $1.00 $1.10
2,500 $0.90 $1.00
5,000 $0.84 $0.90
10,000 $0.80 $0.81
25,000 $0.77 $0.78


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