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Replication vs. Duplication

QuickTurn Duplication uses both duplication and replication for your CD and DVD jobs. Depending on quantity, turn-time and quality, QuickTurn will use the most cost-effective way to copy your CDs and DVDs. Utilizing 5 different CD and DVD print methods, we can assure the best quality final product. If you have a preference between duplication or replication or a question regarding the two copying methods, talk to your QuickTurn representative.

CD and DVD Duplication

QuickTurn Duplication uses duplication as the standard method when quantities of 1 - 2500 disc's are produced. Using duplication, a master disc is used to burn (transfer) your data to blank recordable discs(CD-r or DVD-r). The information is verified and the copy then accepted or rejected. Because disc burning speed has increased greatly over the years, QuickTurn will use the appropriate speed while duping different types of CDs and DVDs. For example, CD duplication for music will be slowed to ensure quality. Also, with the amount of CD and DVD duplication and printing equipment on hand at QuickTurn, we are able to produce up to 5000 CDs or DVDs in a 24 hour period.

CD and DVD Replication

QuickTurn Duplication uses replication to produce mass quantities (starting at over 1,000) of disc's. The process starts with a “glass master” of your original. The glass master is then used to stamp out replica CDs and DVDs from poly-carbonite. The disc is then either screen printed or offset print. Replication generally takes longer then duplication because of the extra steps of creating a glass master and making screens for printing to complete your job. Another factor is that a "clean room" environment must be maintained for proper mastering and replication.

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Why use CD/DVD Replication or Duplication?

There is little difference in the CD / DVD duplicated and CD / DVD replicated finished product. In older readers, there has been a slight compatibility issue between the two processes. A replicated disc will work on all CD and DVD players and computer drives. A duplicated disc will work on players that will read a DVD-R or CD-R disc. Using new technology almost all CD and DVD players can support a duplicated CD or DVD. In Today's world, there is minimal to no difference between a duplicated or replicated disc. QuickTurn has seen a rise in customer requesting duplication copies rather than replicated discs because of the cost and time saved by this process and the ever-decreasing compatibility issue.

CD / DVD Replication Includes

CD / DVD Duplication Includes

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