Testimonials from our customers:

I just wanted to send a BIG thank you to everyone in your company for always doing an awesome job for us. You have always proven reliable in meeting our deadlines which are usually always a rush, hence our name. We love knowing if we submit a job to you that there isn't any need to worry and the end product is excellent. - Thank you for everything!

" - Kassie

I was in a tight spot and needed some thermal prints quick! The guys at QuickTurn were fast and efficient! They took my order on Monday, shipped them to me Tuesday and I had my DVDs in hand Friday! Excellent service! Not to mention, the full color thermal prints looked PERFECT! Great quality at a great price from fast, reliable people! Will definitely use them again!

" - Susan

Thanks QuickTurn! I tell Everyone we do business with about your CD and DVD duplication and printing. You have a quick turn, very responsive and gave us great feedback throughout the duplication process.

" - Bill

QuickTurn? More like BLAZINGTURN! I'm floored. Excellent, fast work. You'll be hearing from me in September and October for sure!

" - Jason

The CD's look awesome and they got here fast. Thank you! I will certainly be asking for your services in the future.

" - Piper

Let me start by saying, YOU GUYS ROCK!

As I mentioned when I first called you in a panic last Wednesday, we were originally working with another vendor who simply backed out of our project after repeated mistakes on THEIR end pushed our job back by two days making them unable to meet our deadline. The other vendor originally quoted us a turn around time of 10-12 business days and that was BEFORE we upgraded to expedited shipping.

When we were a day behind with getting them the video file, they added another $125 fee to our bill. Then, they got delayed by another two days because of mistakes on THEIR end and told us they could no longer meet our deadline and were going to refund our money and back out of the job. In my opinion that vendor provided, quite possibly, the worst customer service I have ever received and the person who backed out of the job was the Owner of their company! At that point I had a week and a half before our trade-show and was starting from scratch.

That's when I called you. You guys not only turned around our project in under a week, but you provided a BETTER product than the first vendor and corrected mistakes I didn't even know they made. They insisted the video did not auto-play in our computers here at work because we must have our settings blocking auto-play. QuickTurn's CD fired right up in auto-play without issue. They insisted they could not hide the auto-play files on the CD, but you guys were able to do that as well.

Of course, they claimed it would take 10-12 business days to do what you guys did in less than a week! While your price was a few cents higher per CD, after adding the other vendor's extra charges and expedited shipping, the price was nearly the same, besides, I would have paid more for the quality customer service your company offered anyway!

When the first vendor backed out on us, it felt like the whole project came crashing down; in the end, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise! Please send our thanks to everyone in your company who helped make this project a success; we appreciate it more than you know! : )

" - Colleen

QuickTurn Duplication met me way, way more than half-way on a recent duping job. I had a TIGHT deadline of just a few days, and I needed to pay in installments rather than all at once.

And I am NOT a big purchaser. I am an independent artist who needed his DVD duped in a small (500 units) run. Not only did QTD pick up the phone and remember me and my single previous order of a year ago, they talked to me on the phone to work out the details of my order, went back-and-forth several times perfecting the laser-jet printing on the DVDs themselves (also very affordable), and got back to me immediately and personally by email throughout.

They forwarded my entire run (rather than the third for which I had paid) VERY quickly by mail, a full 48 hours before a VERY tight deadline, then notified me via email as each next payment was due to be drawn from my credit card. They charged no extra for their fast, fast service, and their rates were very affordable to begin with.

Their service was calm, fast, personal, and exemplary. Again, I am NOT a big client. But I will use them again and recommend them to anyone who needs their work duped, and I welcome any and all prospects to call or email me personally to inquire about QTD's worthiness as a vendor.

" - Rob

Hi Steve, I just wanted to say "Thank you" so much...My mom called to say the dvd's arrived at their home and look great! I know I've already said it but it has truly been a pleasure working with your company - These days it is unusual to find a company that makes their process seem easy and accommodating. I am so used to getting the usual run-around that it was truly refreshing to know you could do exactly what you said you can do and without a lot of grief (and at the last minute!) I will recommend you to anyone in need of such service and will definitely blog on the wedding sites. And if I can ever give a recommendation for you and your team in the future, please let me know. Thanks again!

" - Riley