CD and DVD Interface Design and Authoring

In designing a multimedia presentation for your products or information, we build the program to function much like a web site. In the process we also maintain your color and design theme.

Depending on the artwork you supply (or we design) and your budget, we can help you design a professional looking interface and application that you and your users will appreciate. The following project describes the aspects of the entire process from design to fulfillment.

Project: Premier Pipe USA

Premier Pipe had a CD that needed to be edited and duplicated. Over the last year we had built a new website and designed new literature with a new look for the company. In viewing the CD it was decided that we needed to extend the brand to the interface design, labels and overall application.

We used aspects of the brochure and web site shown below to develop and program a new user experience suitable for a disc format.

Premier Pipe Brochure and Web Site

Below are some of the finished pages on the Premier Pipe disc.

Premier Pipe Disc Interface
Premier Pipe Disc Interface

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