CD and DVD Duplication Checklist:

What is the best way to submit a job to a professional duplication company?

CD and DVD duplication can be an easy process for any client when you follow a few easy steps. Copying data, music and video files by duplication can be the right choice when you want to reproduce original CDs and DVDs into many copies. To ensure your copies look and sound exactly the way you want, make sure to comply with the following checklist.

Choose a reputable duplication company

When choosing a quality CD/DVD duplication company, look for the following:

  1. Always ask for print samples of the different print methods used by the duplicator. This will help you decide which print method will look the best and be the most cost effective for you job.
  2. Ask about the quality of the media used. Do not allow the duplicator to compromise on quality to save a few pennies. Choose CDs and DVDs with low error rates.
  3. Make sure of the turn-time for your job before the duplicator starts the process. If the duplicator fails to meet your deadline, choose a new service provider.
  4. Choose a company with a good reputation in the industry. Watch out for the guy with a single duplicator in the back of his garage.

Print-ready artwork saves time and money

Before you submit your job, have all the artwork ready to print on the face of the disc.

  1. Make sure your artwork is at least 300 dpi.
  2. Use industry standard graphics software to create your artwork (Illustrator, Photoshop…)
  3. Ask your duplicator what type of files they like to use (TIFF, PDF, JPEG…)
  4. Last minute changes once your duplicator already has your art can lead to unnecessary delays that could cost time and money.
  5. Ask your duplicator for a digital (.pdf) proof disc before they start printing your job.

Creating a quality master disc

The key to a good burn is quality media and the right burn speed.

  1. Use an 'A' grade CD or DVD like Taiyo-Yuden when creating your master disc.
  2. Choose a slower burning speed when creating a first-rate quality master. Avoid burning at a speed higher than 16x when creating music CDs or high quality DVD video.
  3. Test your master on different types of media players to make sure it plays in all types of drives the eventual user will utilize to view or listen to your copy.

Duplication can be a fast, easy, cost-effective way to make many copies of your CD or DVD. Using the Steps above, the process should be simplified for you and your duplicator. Following these steps should ensure high quality content and perfect images to make your CDs and DVDs useful and professional.

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